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Does Creativity Have a Return On Investment?

by Felipe Zamana

You don't need to be an executive or entrepreneur to have asked it yourself at least once. We all want to know *how much* creativity is worth.

For many, creativity is just an abstract or subjective concept, which makes it hard to quantify or measure it. However, the problem is to look at creativity without context - or in the wrong one.

If you're thinking of creativity related to arts or "fun", it will be hard to measure all the benefits its development can bring to you or your company.

If you still don't believe me, here is some data for you.

A recent global study on creativity by Adobe found that when companies invest in creativity:

  • 78% increase in their employee productivity

  • 80% have satisfied customers

  • 78% produce a better customer experience

  • 83% foster innovation

  • 73% are financially successful

Here are three examples of the impact on businesses that result when we are intentionally creative.

  • Diversified revenue streams

  • Lower costs

  • Increased brand loyalty


83% believe that unlocking creative potential is key to economic growth.

What are you waiting for to start investing more in creativity and develop strategies to manage it in your organization?

Source: Natalie Nixon, PhD - "The Most In Demand Soft Skill has an ROI"

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Felipe Zamana PhD is author of Taking Creativity Seriously: Why your ideas are more about us than about you. He is based in Portugal.

This article first appeared on LinkedIn

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